custom, oem & odm

Custom, OEM & ODM

HsViko can provide you with customized service, OEM and ODM for cat and dog supplements, food and treats, and their ingredients can be adjusted according to your needs.

raw material testing

Raw Material Testing

HsViko has strict criteria for the selection of raw materials, and any raw material must undergo rigorous testing and pass the test before it is put into stock for use.

production molding

Production Molding

HsViko's factory has a strong production capacity and the shape of the product is customizable. For example, fish oil can come in round, minnow and oval shapes.

testing and packaging

Testing and Packaging

Once the pet supplements are manufactured, they undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet all their requirements. They are then packed into prepared bottles or bags.

Hsviko | China's Best Pet Products Manufacturer & Brand

Leading Pet Product Manufacturer: HsViko is one of the most powerful pet product factories and source manufacturers in China. Out of a genuine concern for the health of pets, we are committed to developing and producing high quality pet supplements , cat food and treats, dog food and treats.

Strong R&D Capability: Our strong R&D team and factory production capacity can provide you with a wide range of pet supplements, food, and treats for R&D and production.

State-of-the-art production facilities: Our factory has advanced production equipment and perfect preparation process. The daily production capacity is 100,000 anthelmintic drops, 5 million anthelmintic tablets, 150,000 probiotic strips, 60,000 bottles of fish oil and so on.

Professional R&D team: We also have a dedicated R&D team equipped with a high-precision laboratory and a full set of automated equipment covering an area of 1,600 square meters.

If you are looking for a pet supplements supplier, whether you are a pet store, pet food brand or distributor, HsViko is happy to be your partner. Contact us for customized, wholesale and distribution services for pet supply offerings!

hsviko pet supplements factory

HsViko Factory Video

HsViko (Luohe) Production Facility

Hsviko Luohe super factory, covers an area of 20,000 m2, with 1,600 m2 square R&D workshop, 50w grade GMP workshop, intelligent production workshop, 15,000 m2 warehouse. It has R&D, production and storage capacity for pet supplements and medicines.
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  • Factory floor space of 35,000 m2
  • Intelligent production workshop
  • Advanced production equipment
  • Strong production capacity
  • Highly specialized in-house laboratory
  • Professional R&D team
  • Full set of automated laboratory equipment
  • Seven full-category GMP pet dewormers


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HsViko Certificates

We are China honest supplier, quality and trustworthy enterprise. We have GMP veterinary medicine certificate, quality management system certificate and so on.

Strong Production Capability

hsviko pet supplements factory production capacity

HsViko Customization Scope and Process

With professional staff to track the progress of orders, attentive service for you!

hsviko customization scope and process

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Tell us your business needs, we will provide you with comprehensive technical support!

WhatsApp: +86 18237182871
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Phone: +86 18237182871
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Address: No. 21 Yangshan Road, Zhaoling District, Luohe City, Henan Province, China

Wholesale cat and dog food and treats

Hsviko Pet Supplements Team

We provide wholesale and customized pet supplements worldwide. Before, during and after the sale, we provide you with comprehensive service and support!

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Why Choose HsViko?

Self-developed production, strict quality control, one-stop service for customized, OEM and ODM pet health care products

Product Development

We have 1600 square meters of highly sophisticated in-house laboratory and over 20 R&D staff. We have thoroughly researched the health needs of pets in different regions, developed a variety of pet health care products, and provided customized formulation services.

Strict Raw Material Selection

We insist on using high quality and natural raw materials. We believe that good materials make good products. Raw materials are strictly analyzed and tested before they are used.


We have an intelligent workshop covering 36,000 square meters and a 100,000 grade GMP clean workshop. Our strong production capacity and advanced production equipment ensure the stability of our products in terms of composition and appearance.

Quality Control

For any product, we will first produce a sample. The samples are strictly analyzed and tested for ingredients to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products. We follow strict quality control procedures to ensure that the quality of our products is always the same.

Customized Packaging

We provide you with customized services for your product packaging, you can design your own brand logo or tell us what you need and let our designers design it for you.

Compliance and Regulations

We follow all relevant industry regulations and standards to ensure that your private label pet supplements meet the necessary legal requirements.

Safety and Effectiveness

Both the safety and effectiveness of our products are of paramount importance. All of our products are thoroughly analyzed for ingredients, tested for purity, and tested for consumption by our pets before they leave our warehouse.

Storage and Distribution

With strong production capacity, we also have 15,000 square meters of intelligent warehouse. We also cooperate with professional logistics, and all products are delivered to you at the first time after you are sure that the samples are correct.

Ongoing support

n addition to manufacturing, we also provide you with continuous support, including marketing assistance and formula updates. You can contact us for professional support for any questions about your products.

china's leading pet health care factory

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HsViso can provide you with full range of customized, wholesale, OEM and ODM services for supplements for dogs and cats, nutritional supplements for dogs and cats, cat and dog care supplements. Contact us for free samples!

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