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Best skin and coat care supplements for dogs with natural ingredients, safe and effective with zero additives. Dietary supplement with essential nutrients for dog skin and coat health. Effectively improves dry skin, and itchy and flaky coat in dogs.

Best Dog Skin and Coat Supplement

Hsviko specializes in supplements for dog skin and coat problems, developed and manufactured in its factory. Supplement your dog with essential nutrients for skin and coat health through diet. Effective solutions for dog skin and coat problems.

Hsviko uses human-grade ingredients in all of its skin supplements, and the products and ingredients undergo multiple tests to strictly ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products. We are a pet supplement manufacturer from China and can provide you with private labeling and white labeling services for dog skin supplements.

dogs skin and coat care supplement
importance of dog skin and coat health

Importance of Dog Skin and Coat Health

Protective Function: Dog's skin is protective against pollutants, pathogens, UV radiation, and other harmful elements in the external environment. Healthy skin can effectively resist infections and prevent the occurrence of various skin diseases.

Thermoregulation: The hair provides an important thermoregulatory mechanism for dogs. The thick layer of hair keeps the dog warm in cold environments, and in hot environments, although the hair itself cannot perspire, it can help insulate against excessive body temperature.

Health Signals: The state of your dog's skin and coat can reflect its internal health. The shine, color, and texture of the coat, as well as spots, shedding, and redness on the skin, can be external signs of malnutrition, disease, parasitic infections, or other health problems.

Quality of Life: Unhealthy skin and coat can cause discomfort, such as itching and pain, that can seriously affect your dog's quality of daily life and sleep. Prolonged itching and scratching can also lead to skin breakdown, secondary infections and aggravation of the condition.

Grooming and socialization: Dogs with shiny, neat coats tend to be more confident and happy, which is good for their mental health. Also, for owners, the beauty of the coat is a visual indicator of the health and care of their pet.

Mental Health: Ongoing skin problems may cause a dog to become anxious due to pain and discomfort, which is not conducive to the development and stabilization of its mental health.

Nutrition for Dog Skin and Coat Health

Essential Amino Acids: Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) from deep-sea fish. Essential for maintaining the integrity of the cell membranes of the dog's skin, inhibiting inflammation, retaining skin moisture, reducing dryness and itchiness of the skin, as well as having a positive effect on the luster and elasticity of the coat.

Omega-6 fatty acids (linoleic acid) are derived from plant sources such as sunflower oil and corn oil and are important for skin barrier function and coat health.

Protein: Animal proteins are the foundation of your dog's skin and coat health, especially high-quality meat proteins such as chicken, beef, lamb and fish. They are rich in amino acids, especially lysine, cystine and methionine, which are essential for building skin and coat structure.

Vitamins and minerals: your dog also needs vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy skin and a healthy coat. Properly supplementing your dog with vitamins and minerals can effectively improve their skin and coat health.

Dietary Fiber: The right amount of dietary fiber helps maintain your dog's intestinal health, which indirectly benefits skin and coat health because of the strong link between intestinal health and skin health.

nutrition for dog skin and coat health

Common Dog Skin Problems and Solutions

common dog skin problems and solutions
best dog supplements for dry skin

Best Dog Supplements for Dry Skin

Dog Dry Skin Causes: Dogs lack the necessary moisture and oils on the surface of their skin, resulting in tight, flaky, and even cracked skin. When the skin is dry, the coat tends to become dull and rough to the touch.

Impact: Dry skin may lead to a decrease in your dog's skin barrier function, making the skin more susceptible to external irritants and pathogens. Dogs may feel itchy and scratch frequently, leading to skin breakouts, infections, and even the development of chronic skin conditions such as dermatitis. In addition, dry skin may be accompanied by a loss of luster in the coat, making it look rough and unattractive.

Supplements for dry skin in dogs

Fish oil supplements for dogs and krill oil supplements for dogs help to nourish your dog's skin, reduce inflammation, and keep your dog's skin moisturized through the supplementation of Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).Omega 3 is especially useful for relieving dry skin and allergic reactions.

Lecithin supplements that are effective in improving dry skin in dogs. Lecithin can effectively nourish your dog's hair follicles and promote hair growth for a thicker, shinier coat.

Probiotic and prebiotic supplements, sometimes, dry skin in dogs can be related to imbalance of intestinal flora, proper probiotic and prebiotic supplementation can help to improve intestinal health and indirectly maintain skin health.

Get Custom Design Plans for Dog Skin Supplements

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Dog itchy Skin

Itchy dog skin can be caused by a variety of reasons, including food allergies, environmental allergies, parasitic infections, skin inflammation, and malnutrition.
Signs of itchy skin in dogs: Dogs show significant discomfort by frequently scratching and gnawing at their skin. Dogs with severe itching may scratch the skin and cause secondary infections.

Effects of itchy skin on dogs: Long-term severe itching can greatly reduce a dog's quality of life because it interferes with normal rest and activities. Excessive scratching can cause skin damage and form open wounds, increasing the risk of bacterial and fungal infections, and may even lead to skin scarring and permanent hair loss.

Dog Supplements for Itchy Skin

Deep sea fish oil Capsules, and krill oil supplements for dogs, rich in DHA and EPA, can provide anti-inflammatory effects, improve the dog's skin barrier function, and reduce the itching sensation.

lecithin soft chews for dogs, lecithin combined with fish oil, supplements the essential nutrients for dog skin health, effectively improves dog skin itching problem, relieves itching, and prevents skin diseases.

Probiotic Powder For Dogs improves your doa's intestinal health and maintains the balance of the immune system, some studies have shown a correlation between intestinal flora and health, and proper supplementation of probiotics and prebiotics may help reduce allergy symptoms
and itchy skin.

Vitamins and minerals, Vitamin E and Biotin (Vitamin H) are important for skin health, and traceminerals such as zinc and selenium also help with skin repair and regeneration. By using multivitamin supplements tablets for dogs, you can effectively supplement your dog with vitamins and minerals.

best dogs supplements for itchy skin
dog coat growth and hair loss supplements

Dog Coat Growth and Hair Loss Supplements

Normal molting cycles involve a certain amount of hair loss. Still, suppose the hair loss is unusually severe. In that case, it may be due to malnutrition, endocrine disorders, parasitic infections, skin diseases, stress, or environmental factors (e.g., climate change, too frequent hot baths). Heavy hair loss not only affects the dog's appearance but may also indicate an internal health problem. Severe hair loss may cause your dog to lose insulation and become less able to adapt to hot and cold environments, as well as exposing the underlying skin, making it more susceptible to injury.

Lecithin supplements, deep sea fish oil supplements, and krill oil supplements are all effective in improving hair loss in dogs. Each of Hsviko's dog skin supplements has been carefully designed in our laboratories to be so nutrient-rich that a single supplement will improve the majority of your dog's skin problems. For example, we add fish oil to our lecithin supplement.

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