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About HsViko

HsViko Bioengineering (Luohe) Ltd. is a subsidiary of HsViko (Hong Kong) Holdings Ltd., specializing in animal healthcare, engaging in the research, development, and promotion of veterinary drugs, feeds, additives, biologics, and interferon.

Luohe production base has 20,000 square meters of intelligent plant, 500,000 grade new GMP production base, 36,000 square meters of intelligent workshop and 16 fully automatic production lines.

At present, the main products include fish oil for dogs and cats, fish oil softgels, lecithin, taurine, lysine, probiotics, milk calcium tablets, goat's milk powder, bile acids and other pet health care products and pet medicines.

HsViko Group owns a number of well-known brands such as Pet Belle and HsViko. The company always pays attention to customers' needs and cares for pets' health; it always advocates "a better life comes from creation" and always puts food safety in the first place. Our products have been awarded the honorary titles of "China 3.15 Consumer Trustworthy Products", "National Consumer Reassurance and Satisfaction Brand", and "Deputy Secretary-General Unit of Henan Feed Additives Association".
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  • Specializing in pet health for 22 years
  • 20000 square meters intelligent plant
  • 36,000 square meters intelligent workshop
  • 16 fully automatic production lines


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hsviko pet supplement factory

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Wide range of products

Our R&D team has thoroughly researched the needs of pets in different regions, and we have a comprehensive product range for you to choose from!

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Super factory Strong production capacity

Advanced production equipment and strong production capacity ensure that orders can be delivered to you on time!

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Strict Quality Control

We always put the safety of pets in the first place. Any of our products undergo strict testing, testing of raw materials and analysis of the ingredients of finished products. We strictly ensure the safety and effectiveness of our products.

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15,000 square feet warehouse

Along with our strong production capacity, we also have a 15,000 square feet warehouse. We provide you with reliable and strong supply capacity.

hsviko 15,000 square feet of warehouse

Packaging Design

We have the industry's top design team, can be tailored to your best-selling, creative, personalized, high-end atmospheric design solutions to improve the competitiveness of products in the industry.

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Peer Communication

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Hsviko Pet Supplements Team

We provide wholesale and customized pet supplements worldwide. Before, during and after the sale, we provide you with comprehensive service and support!

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How to buy pet supplements from HsViko?

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Whether you are an overseas pet store, a pet hospital or an overseas healthcare brand, we would love to be your partner! We look forward to hearing from you!

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WhatsApp: +86 18237182871
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Phone: +86 18237182871
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Add: Address: No. 21 Yangshan Road, Zhaoling District, Luohe City, Henan Province, China
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+86 18237182871
+86 18237182871